Blockchain Will Change Everything

Last Thursday I left the comfortable environs of Westchester to spend an afternoon learning what blockchain is and why it’s important for public relations folk to get their arms around it.

Nicole Jordan of the Radix Collective organized what she called a blockchain bootcamp. Nicole wrote about blockchain and public relations in the Radix blog.

It’s not hype to say that blockchain is going to change everything. It’s commonly associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but the applications are endless.

I won’t go into the specifics. There are far many sites on the high speed internet that explain it far better than I can, with my limited knowledge.The key takeaway is that there is a shortage of public relations professionals who understand it, let alone are able to manage a token sale.

And even if we do understand the technology, token sales require a whole lot of marketing skills outside the traditional PR box. We’re trained to think of the media first, the bloggers and online publications second and places like Reddit not at all. Most public relations professionals are unfamiliar with this way of doing business. We need to throw that thinking out.  It’s more like community relations; you have to build a relationship with the cryptocurrency community on Reddit, for example.

For me personally, I’m happy to be in that small group of public relations pros who know what bockchain is, let alone understand it. There’s going to be a shortage of public relations pros with this particular skill set. When I was in the agency world in the late 90s, I was one of the few who pitched via email instead of fax or snail mail.

But that doesn’t do the industry any good. In order to keep up, we’re all going to need to keep up. Specifically those of us who do tech.